A Shadow Work 4-Course Meal

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If you’ve landed on this page you’ve most likely been called into healing. Are you feel stuck? Are you ready to change your life and the world by facing your darkness? Shadow work is all about bringing your darkness to the light so your light can shine brighter than ever.

This 4-course meal was designed to not only get you started on your shadow work journey but to also help you call in your soul family and begin unlocking your unique spiritual gifts.


Shadow Work Level 1 is going to guide you to understanding:

  • Finding Your Personal Matrix
  • The 3 Phases of Your Personal Matrix
  • How to Start the Process of Releasing Control (Let Go/Surrender)
  • How Your Personal Matrix Creates Limiting Beliefs
  • Discovering Your Shadows & the Mask It Creates
  • Meeting Your Ego, Inner Child & Higher Self

Shadow Work Level 2 course is going to guide you to understanding:

  • Triggering Your Ego to Find Traumas
  • Victim & Villian Patterns
  • About that Judgemental Bish
  • Chakra Healing & Energy Work 101
  • Discovering Your Shadows & the Mask It Creates
  • Attachment Styles & Love Languages

BONUS: Patterning activity, 20 level 2 shadow work prompts, inner child apology/forgiveness & visualization heart chakra healing activity.

Shadow Work Level 3 course is going to guide you to understanding:

  • Surrendering to Cleansing, Clearing, Protecting
  • The Law of Attraction
  • How to Manifest 101
  • Energy Vampires & Setting Boundaries
  • Ancestors & Spirit Guide Activities
  • Trusting Your Intuition
  • Charging Your Energy with Breathwork

BONUS: Root chakra visualization activity, meeting your guides meditation, practice prompts for setting boundaries, cleansing activity, casting a protection circle.

Shadow Work Level 4 course is going to guide you to understanding:

  • Practicing Enlightenment & Stopping Resistance
  • Meet Your Higher Self
  • Opening Your Portal Activity
  • How to Write Limiting Belief Healing Affirmations
  • Discover Your Helping Style
  • Graduation: Recieve Your Certification you badazz!

BONUS: Positive memory re-enforcement, choosing beautiful mirror work, crown adjusting/blockage removal visual work, spirit guide tools

*More dates will open in May. If you need/prefer a specific day please let me know and I will accommodate to the best of my ability.

How Will It Work?

Within 24 business hours of your order, you will receive an email from me (check your spam and promotions folder) with your Welcome Packet including a survey so I can get to know more about you.

2 days before your class I will send you the ebook PDF filled with all the course goodies for the course and I’ll also be sharing the Zoom link for the course. I’ll be opening the course Zoom 30 minutes early so you can come in and meet your fellow shadow working classmates. You do not have to have your camera on while in the class but I would love if you could have the audio on as working on communication is a big part of each course.


5 reviews for A Shadow Work 4-Course Meal

  1. Melissa

    I am STOKED for the next course! I did Bobbis shaow work 1 course this weekend and she blew my mind open. I have been meitating on everything I learned and I already feel so much calmer. I am doing the course homework and really start to see how my matrix is holding me back. i believe so many stupid rules I didn’t even realize. Your breathwork lives have changed my life and I’m so excited to take the rest of the courses with you. You and the entire soul family have brought so much happiness to my world. Thank you thank you thank you! I will support b lifted for life! You’re such a gift to all of us in the soul family. You are love and light and it really shows. 😂😂😂😂

  2. Lisa

    Bobbie Jo is so amazing!!!! I can’t wait for the part 2 of this series. She taught me so much in part 1 at the retreat. I love her breathwprk sessions in the mornings! So proud of you for finally doing this. I’m doing my homework from part 1 you’ll get it by class teach I promise!!! Thank you beautiful! Anyone considering this DO IT! She’s so wonderful!!!! 😄

  3. Sandra

    Just signed up! I can’t wait. I love starting my mornings with you and know this shadow work is what I really need!

  4. Donna

    I’m all in on this and you! Just ordered some affirmations too! Can’t wait! Your live this weekend and this morning has stopped my anxiety from overwhelming me for the first time in a long time. So glad I found you!

  5. Diane

    I saw your live yesterday and I have felt so at peace since. My guides have wanted me to do shadow work for awhile so I took the plunge! I am so ready for this! I know you’re who I’ve been looking for!

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