A Shadow Work 4-Course Meal

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If you’ve landed on this page you’ve most likely been called into healing. Are you feel stuck? Are you ready to change your life and the world by facing your darkness? Shadow work is all about bringing your darkness to the light so your light can shine brighter than ever.

This 4-course meal was designed to get you started on your journey to breaking your personal Matrix of limiting beliefs so you can begin recognizing your shadow self, trusting your intuition, accessing your gifts & creating what I call limitless beliefs!

This course is fully digital & guided by me through over 100 pages of PDFs, emails, videos & our Discord. I throw a ton of prompts, activities & freebies at you that you’ll have to use for your entire life!


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Shadow Work Level 1 is going to guide you to understanding:

– Finding Your Personal Matrix

– The 3 Phases of Your Personal Matrix

– How to Start the Process of Releasing Control (Let Go/Surrender)

– How Your Personal Matrix Creates Limiting Beliefs

– Discovering Your Shadows & the Mask It Creates

– Meeting Your Ego, Inner Child & Higher Self

BONUS: 12 Days of Inner Child Healing/Ego-based prompts, an additional set of prompts, astrological chart, inner child meditation & ego discovery journal activity.

Shadow Work Level 2 course is going to guide you to understanding:

– Your Masked Shadow Self

– Triggers & How to Stop 

– Self-Sabotage & How to Stop

– Learned Survival Tactics

– Victim & Villian Patterns

– That Judgemental Bish

– Patterning (What is it & How to Do It)

BONUS: 12 Days of Patterning/Self Discovery prompts, an additional set of level 2 prompts, meet you guides meditation, discover your love language & attachment style, plus personality test.

Shadow Work Level 3 course is going to guide you to understanding:

– Surrendering, Cleansing, Clearing

 – The Law of Attraction

– How to Manifest 101

– Energy Vampires

– Setting Boundaries

– Ancestors VS Spirit Guide VS Angels

– Trusting Your Intuition

BONUS: 12 Days of intuition/gifts prompts, an additional set of level 3 prompts, intuition practice activities & advice, practice prompts for setting boundaries, cleansing activity, a list of further watching documentaries for manifestation.

Shadow Work Level 4 course is going to guide you to understanding:

– Practicing Enlightenment & Stopping Resistance

– What Are Your Gifts

–  Meet Your Higher Self

– Rewriting Your Brain & Your Personal Matrix!

– Chakra Power Words

– Using Affirmations to Reprogram into Your Highest Self

– How to Write Limiting Belief Healing Affirmations

– Visual Goal Setting Activity

– Graduation: Recieve Your Certification you badazz!

BONUS: 12 Days of enlightenment prompts, an additional set of level 4 prompts, inner child self-guided meditation, mirror work affirmation, rooting chakra affirmations.

How Will It Work?

Within 24 business hours of your order, you will receive an email from me (check your spam and promotions folder) with your Welcome Letter.

You will get full access to the entire digital class & Discord then but I will be sending you emails twice a week for 8 weeks with prompts, gifts, activities, videos & more! Take your time, don’t rush the healing process!


16 reviews for A Shadow Work 4-Course Meal

  1. Melissa

    I am STOKED for the next course! I did Bobbis shaow work 1 course this weekend and she blew my mind open. I have been meitating on everything I learned and I already feel so much calmer. I am doing the course homework and really start to see how my matrix is holding me back. i believe so many stupid rules I didn’t even realize. Your breathwork lives have changed my life and I’m so excited to take the rest of the courses with you. You and the entire soul family have brought so much happiness to my world. Thank you thank you thank you! I will support b lifted for life! You’re such a gift to all of us in the soul family. You are love and light and it really shows. 😂😂😂😂

  2. Lisa

    Bobbie Jo is so amazing!!!! I can’t wait for the part 2 of this series. She taught me so much in part 1 at the retreat. I love her breathwprk sessions in the mornings! So proud of you for finally doing this. I’m doing my homework from part 1 you’ll get it by class teach I promise!!! Thank you beautiful! Anyone considering this DO IT! She’s so wonderful!!!! 😄

  3. Sandra

    Just signed up! I can’t wait. I love starting my mornings with you and know this shadow work is what I really need!

  4. Donna

    I’m all in on this and you! Just ordered some affirmations too! Can’t wait! Your live this weekend and this morning has stopped my anxiety from overwhelming me for the first time in a long time. So glad I found you!

  5. Diane

    I saw your live yesterday and I have felt so at peace since. My guides have wanted me to do shadow work for awhile so I took the plunge! I am so ready for this! I know you’re who I’ve been looking for!

  6. Jenni

    I just finished rewatch class 1 and Bobbie well done! It all makes so much sense! I just filled out the Discord answers. I can’t wait for the second class the weekend!!!! THANK YOU!!! This was what I’ve been needing for so long!

  7. Lauren

    I havent been able to attend the live classes but Bobby sends me the videos and the class guides. I cried so so so much doing the prompt for this week. I had no idea my memories connected to my traumas like that. I had no idea what I was doing to my inner child! So much self sabotaging for decades!!! Thank you Bobby I’m only halfway through and already learned a bunch of stuff about myself. I can’t wait for the next class!!

  8. Crystal

    So I just finished part two and Bobbie I had to come say thank you!!! This has hit me so hard. I thought this was going to be scary and hard but how you word it in these PDFs and in your classes makes it easy to understand. I was meant to find you and this place!!! You haven no idea how much this has helped me already. Keep going down this path young lady! I know you say you get scared but you’ve got angels on your shoulders leading you. Love you boo boo!!!!!!!

  9. Brett Williams

    A++++ teacher. She makes it easy, fun and the way she progresses through each course just really makes sense to me and this has helped me gain more control of myself, my triggers, my traumas. This is more than shadow work! Thank you MC.

  10. Lily Ann Conmier

    This is my 3rd shadow work class and Bobby has been the best teacher I’ve had so far. She explains things in a way that just makes sense to me. How she laid out each class and gives us time inbetween to work was smart because this is intense but for me was much needed. I have so much build up trauma from childhood I’ve been a wreck sincem y divorce 2 years ago. I am finally feeling human again. I am grateful she showed up on my fyp page and I got the last spot in her class. If you can get a spot in her class DO IT! I almost missed out glad I didn;t. I’m goign to keep swimming for you Bobby!!! Keep swimming beautiful mama!

  11. Daniel Miller aka Dannyq987

    I’ve worked with Bobbie in marketing for years. She’s always been exceptional but I just finished the entire course series and young lady you’ve outdone yourself with these classes. You give more value in this than I received with thousand of dollars of therapy (Why are you selling this at such a low price? I know you know better.) I hadn’t cried in years and I couldn’t stop crying while doing the second course. I had no idea how much of my misery was built by me. My wife is going to be taking the June session now because she sees the improvement in me. Bobbie you’re a genuine diamond in the world. Don’t stop helping others. You shine here. This is your calling. We need you. If you need a video review reach out I’d be glad! People don’t miss this one. She’s undervaluing herself on purpose knowing her.

  12. QueenieKane

    My husband and I do Bobbi’s breathwork in the mornings together and we just finished these classes. We didn’t do the live class but we did watch the videos. I recommend this to anyone going through an awakening and feeling lost. This has brought so much of our crap out so we could put it on the table and look at it togehter. She breaks it down in a way I’ve never seen and both my non spiritual husband and I could understand. We cried o much during the patterning and inner child meditations. I feel seen finally. Thank you Bobbi!!!

  13. EmojikonCaddy

    A+ class, you will not regret, worth every penyy and so much more! Thank you Bobbie! This has been more helpful than year of therapy. Truly. So lucky to have fou nd you on tiktok

  14. Amber F

    After these classes I’ve been able to set boundaries, trust myself and my gifts! I also faced my bullshit. I trigger myself on purpose a lot. This was the biggest realization for me in the series and I have been able to stop it by healing my wounded inner child. So glad you landed on my FYP Bobbi!

  15. Salina aka SandiPants37

    You wrote affirmations for me lastm onth. Do you remember me? I loved them very much. Beautiful work my dear. Your breathwork has helped me so much. I am just got the first email for the classes. I KNOW I need this. I’m scared but Andrea told me it was worth it and i had to do the classes with you!!! Thank you for all you do B!

  16. Daniel

    Review for A Shadow Work 4-Course Meal
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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