Calming Rooted Mirror Work Affirmation Activity


This is perfect mirror work you can do anything to help root yourself and work on healing your root chakra.

You Will Recieve:

  • Flyer Size Printable PDF
  • High-Quality PNG


Here are Some Recommended Ways to Use This:

  • Print out & keep it in your wallet for a reminder
  • Put on your mirror for mirrorwork
  • Save as the screen lock or background on your phone
  • Add as background on your tablet device
  • Send as a gift to a friend in need
  • Put it on your fridge or by your door to root you as you leave

This is Specifically Targeting:

  • limiting beliefs of insecurity & I AM damage
  • root chakra blocks
  • grounding your energy during the day


Where do I get my printables?

After your purchase, an email will immediately be sent to you. Check your promotions tab if you don’t receive it within 5 minutes please contact me at

Can I share these?

I do ask that if you can afford to support my small business you do but if not I understand you sharing with someone in need. If you do please consider leaving a review on this product. Reviews not only help me but also help others in the collective know what to expect and how this can help!

Are you a therapist?

No, I am not any sort of doctor. However, I am a spiritual healer and a professional writer working in the health and wellness industry for almost a decade now. These images are written and designed by me.

What if I want to heal more?

If you’d like to really launch into your healing journey and invest back into yourself I recommend you check out my LIVE Shadow Work Courses. These are not like anything you’ve probably ever experienced as it’s a group of spiritual healers coming together to heal. Check out what each course is about and see if they are calling you. Most who come into my soul family find me because they have deeper healing they need to do starting with Shadow Work. I promise it won’t hurt…too much!



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