4 LIVE Group Intermediate Shadow Work Course Series


I took everything I learned last year in our LIVE courses & while researching for the book to build this new offering. I am SO excited to do this. I felt the best enlightenment we had in our last course series came with the group discussions.

On the day of the LIVE courses, it will not be me just talking, will be us all discussing specific topics & sharing our experiences/downloads as a group in a healthy shadow self discussion. 

***BONUS, anyone registered for this course will receive a FREE copy of my Shadow Worker’s Journey Guidebook of research questions & prompts set to come out in February! ****

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What You’ll Get:

  • 4 LIVE 1 ½ hour Zoom courses with 20 other Shadow Workers having healthy, respectful, judgment-free discussion around your healing & experiences
  • Designed PDFs with 25 targeted shadow work prompts per course 
  • 30-minute video for each course where I go over the materials with you
  •  At least 1 supporting activity (guided meditation, breathwork, activation, etc)  video for each course from me 
  • Weekly email check-ins from yours truly to see how your progress is going
  • A graduation certificate 

Each course will be targeted to the following:

Course 1: Focus on Generational, Cultural, Ancestral & Matrix trauma identification not just for ourselves but recognizing it in others. This will be a deeper dive into the systems in place for us before we even begin figuring out who we are.

Our goal will be to begin the enlightening of any emotions, needs, or triggers & develop compassion for the systems in place for others. 

The group discussion will be targeted towards expressing feelings of repression & how we can respect & support each person’s individual culture.

Course 2: Deeper education around how traumas move us to trigger self-sabotage. Life Patterning of our traumas, triggers, self-sabotage, shadow self’s learned manipulation survival tactic & the typical ignored red flags our ego tries to warn us about.

Our goal will be better inform ourselves of how our shadow & ego work together to try to protect us & how both respond to being ignored. 

The group discussion will be specifically about how your shadow & ego moves as well as the shame & stigma you face from self-sabotage. 

Course 3: An examination of you & your culture’s basic needs of safety & financial stability in particular any socioeconomic traumas causing blockage or self-sabotaging behaviors. 

The goal of this will be to help enlighten to &/or remove any limiting beliefs or patterns around abundance & safety that may be keeping you in struggle mentality. 

The group discussion will be around how your caregiver’s financial stability has affected your beliefs around money (i.e. you MUST work hard to deserve money) & healthy ways you can rewire these limiting beliefs to attract more abundance. 

Course 4: In this course, we’re going to have fun with our inner child dreaming & building the confidence to step into the future we really want. I’m going to teach you activities to restructure your personal goals through what I’m calling persistence planning & resistance release. 

The goal of this is to get you a clear vision for persistently building the new Earth you’re creating for yourself in a way it’s not such a big task that it overwhelms you. 

The group discussion will be sharing our goals sheet, tactics we will use to keep motivated & ways we can release resistance to any changes or “roadblocks” that occur during our journey. 

This series will begin on January 29th & will last for two months. 

The dates for the LIVE courses will be:

  • January 29th at 2 p.m. EST
  • Feb. 13 at 2 p.m. EST
  • Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. EST
  • March 13 ar 2 p.m. EST

As always spaces are limited if you don’t make it into this session please message me at bobbiejo@bliftedspirit.com to get on the waitlist.

Depending on my availably I may add another session if needed!

If you’re one of my previous shadow work students please message me for your returning student appreciation discount code 🙂

Let’s get talking!

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