Beez 1 on 1 Shadow Work Package


I waited a year into my Shadow Worker journey to offer 1 on 1 session because I wanted to really make sure I could offer the value you deserve.

In addition to everything below, you will also be receiving my entire Shadow Worker 4 Course Meal Digital program to have for future Shadow Work (a $111 value for FREE).

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These spots will be extremely limited each month because I want to be able to really dive in with each of you who’s ready to invest in you again. I want to hear your story, journey & work in our one on one sessions to pull the mask off your shadow self & integrate as YOU need. 

How This Will Work:

Week 1: I will send you a survey to learn more about you, your limiting beliefs & your shadow work needs.

Week 2: We will get on a 1 on 1 Zoom call so I can read your energy, hear more of your story & we will set some shadow work goals together.

Week 3: I will design a series of prompts & activities just for you to help with your shadow work & we will get on another 1 on 1 Zoom to go over these & answer any questions you have. 

Weeks 4-5: I will check-in via email & will be available during my office hours to help with any concerns or questions you have. I want you to focus on the work yourself.

Week 6: We jump on a 1 on 1 Zoom call so you can share your work with me & anything you’ve unlocked. Then, I go back & rework or/& add new prompts to help with the newer information. 

Week 7: I check in via email & will be available during office hours to help. 

Week 8: We have a final wrap up Zoom call to discuss any questions & to do a future goal setting activity. 

I’m excited to get to work with you. 

If the month is sold out please contact me about my wait list.


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