Is Social Media the Future of Great Marketing?

Yes, it’s also the NOW of great marketing.

My Social Experience: During my undergraduate degree I began my focus on social media after loving writing tweets for McDonald’s during an internship.

My first job after college was writing SEO blogs before I convinced them to let me run their social media. I had a lot of fun using Canva to create content for their Facebook and YouTube.

This video is the first “viral” video I ever I produced. It’s also my first time being on camera and filming. Don’t come for me! 😂 Even though I see so many errors in it now I’m proud of how it is a benchmark for my growth.

In 2014, I moved to Los Angeles and become a social content producer at TVGLA working specifically on their Amazon Prime, Universal and CBS accounts. One of the shows I worked on was the launch of Transparent.

In 2015, I went full-time at a product incubator. I ran all of marketing, but social media became a big part of our overall strategy, especially Instagram and Facebook campaigns. This was when I learned you can study algorithms and leverage user generated content (UGC) in major ways.

Since 2018, I’ve been building social calendars for social media eCommerce clients like Coral Nano. I really enjoy using humor in my work.


I’ve loved watching how this industry has continuously grown and shifted. I think the ever-changing algorithm landscape is one of my favorite parts.

My Process: First, I sit down with a brand & we work out goals.

Then, I absorb a brand/industry & ideate cool ways to bring them to each social platform. I believe each platform needs a unique content type & strategy.

For example, on IG right now reels are doing great BUT it’s mostly short high quality visual content using trending sounds going viral. On TikTok more authentic user generated feeling content are working for brands (see Chipotle & Duolingo’s content, chef’s kiss).

Finally, I create a strategy and do a tester batch to benchmark the brand’s current standing on each platform.

Once I have that we can lather, rinse & repeat the process until we have a working funnel of content types like trending, educational, social proof, lead capture and brand story telling.

Examples of Posts I’ve Made: 

Here’s Some Promotions I’ve Created:

Social Media Video Examples: 

TurboBrush360 was a quick, industry trending brand I helped launch for Instagram/Snapchat targeting Gen Z. It was a lot of fun because we got to try a variety of ideas. These ads helped sell out our first run in less than two weeks. We couldn’t order them fast enough. Y’all Gen Z is BUYING on Snapchat. I know, I was surprised too.

When the ladies at Coding with Kids came to me for their 2020 virtual summer camps launch they really knew what they wanted in terms of strategy. I did copy, design and editing for these videos they used in Facebook posts. Then, I helped them design an email series to leverage the videos.

I’m excited to meet new brands ready to leverage the knowledge and video production skills I’ve learned the last few years as a TikTok creator.

For more social content check out my TikTok creator case study here.