So you’re interested in email campaigns? You should be. Did you know as of 2019 the average email ROI is $42 for every $1 spent? I’ve personally seen lists of less than 2,000 yield $20k overnight. Of course, this depends on how furtle your list is and your average cart value.

A great email strategy helps save every bit of profit you’re leaving on the table while retaining those customers you fought so hard to win. Check out my Email Sales Case Study here at the bottom to see how great email is for retention.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or simply looking for some quick, smart, hassle-free emails I’ve got you covered.

How B Does Email:

  • Strategy: I can help build your entire email marketing calendar. You tell me how and when you’re getting leads and I’ll help you set up the needed campaigns to convert them.
  • Copy: I can jump into your brand’s voice or help you hone one. I know when to finesse when to educate and HOW to convert. My copy is not only clean, but it’s also visually appealing as I use UX aesthetics. You’ll see across my samples I bold, break, and emphasize text as needed.
  • Design: Speaking of visually appealing, I can make eye-catching templates, graphics, and GIFs with clear CTA’s.
  • Coding: I can help code your template into whatever technology you’re working with. Below I list the technologies I’ve worked with most but honestly, I’ve learned these platforms are all very similar.
  • Drip/Segmentation SetUp: I can help with all aspects of automation and segmentation.
  • Split-Testing/Reporting: A lot of times I’ve found startups either look at too much or not enough data. You’ve got to focus on about 5 things for the first 6 months as you can only test one piece of your email at a time. Let me help.

Technology I’ve Used Most Often:

  • MailChimp
  • Klayvio
  • Drip
  • Second Contact
  • SendGrid

Below I’ve broken down the different email types and of course, I’ve included some examples.

Drip | Funnels | Cycles | Sequences

Whatever you choose to call it, IT WORKS. I am going to call them Drips. These are sequences of 3-7 emails meant to warm leads into an initial purchase or repurchase. These drips are automated so you continue to make you money 24/7 and can turn it on/off whenever you’d like.

Drips I’ve Done:

  • Email Capture/Welcome Sequences
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Evergreen Promos (webinar, giveaway, ebook, class, podcast, social ads, quiz, blog)
  • Nurturing Pre and/or Post-Purchase
  • Seasonal Promos like Black Friday, Christmas, 4th of July, Labor Day
  • Winback Cycle


Newsletters keep your customers up to date on your brand educating them into the purchase decision. These can be easily templatized and added to an existing content calendar.

Here’s my email reel and some samples of the above types of email.