According to Marketing Profs and the CMI, 63% of businesses don’t have a documented content strategy. That’s like making it to the Superbowl but leaving your playbook at home.

Is your content process reactive or proactive? Are you rushing to get it out or has it been scheduled well in advance? That’s the difference between a sound, researched content strategy and just chasing down what everyone else does.

I’ve built and tested successful content strategies since 2012. I’ve worked with both big guys like Amazon Prime, McDonald’s, and Universal Pictures and little guys just getting started ready to hit the ground running.

Check Out My Email Sales Case Study Here for Receipts. 

B Lifted Creative offers full strategy build-outs for content including:

  • Branding (brand story, one-sheets, benefit messaging, product pages, and brand guide)
  • Content Calendars (social, blogs, email funnels, and promotions)
  • Email Marketing Funnels (from welcome to offer and all the education in between)
  • Social Media (get categories, grid design examples, 100 topic ideas, promotion ideas)
  • Sales Funnels (for ad sets, landing pages, VSLs I’ll build the full strategy with sample copy)
  • Promotions (from cross-promotions to event marketing to coach/book promos I’ll build the steps your team needs to win)
  • Brand Audit (this is an in-depth audit of your brand to see how you can improve your story)
  • Press & Influencer (I’ll help you build an in-house outreach system with templates and procedures for capturing the best external press)
  • Review Collection (I’ll help build scripts, surveys, and pitches to get those much-needed customer reviews which so many overall)

We can do individual strategies or if you’re building your brand from scratch ask about my different strategy packages.

Ready to set up a strategy project? Contact me and we’ll get started ASAP!