The Challenge: Coral White Natural Toothpaste wanted to update its current senior-focused Amazon brand to test two new lines of family-friendly dental products, including a new 360 electric toothbrush we named TurboBrush360.

Who I Worked With: A very talented videographer/photographer and a very talented media buyer. I managed the brand and did most of the design, story direction, coding, and copywriting.

Our Strategy: We refocused on the science behind the ingredients/new dental technology and their incredible natural flavors. We brought the audience into our funnel from social media. We educated them using quick videos of ingredients, how-to, and testimonials. We built two full websites for the new products and fully updated the Amazon Store’s look and copy making it more searchable.

What We Delivered: 

  • Updated entire Amazon store both design and content
  • 2 full brands with 14 products (including packaging) and complete websites
  • Produced product photography, how-to videos, and graphics for the site/emails
  • Launched Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and Google ads with analytics built out
  • Email newsletters and sequences for sales and product introduction
  • Third-party direct response landing page for Google organic

Technology We Used:

  • Shopify for the new website
  • Amazon including Amazon ads & Amazon page builder
  • YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat & Google Ads

What We Learned:

  • We discovered category-specific keywords in Amazon make all the difference in both organic & targeted ad spend within Amazon. We consistently worked our targeting & creative until we were able to increase monthly sales within Amazon by 38% in just 6-months!
  • We also learned Snapchat LOVES technology & our sales/leads took off after this, TurboBrush360 sold out its first run in less than 3-months.
  • We learned (well already knew but reconfirmed) a healthy email list is key (with a 76% abandoned cart open rate and a 32% overall open rate) to communicate with and a 42% INCREASE IN RETENTION!

Finally, we learned cinnamon-flavored toothpaste is ABSOLUTELY DELISH! Seriously, if you haven’t, try it.

You can visit Coral Nano Silver’s website here. 

Here’s the packaging design and copy I did:

I picked these examples to showcase the different parts of the funnel and the updated visuals.

Here are some emails we ran introducing the new line of foaming toothpaste.

Here’s some of our successful social content:

For the 360 devices, we tested a bunch of videos introducing the device.

Here are our top contenders: