If content is king than copy is queen and we all know you have to protect your queen.

Did you know that 60 percent of marketers produce a piece of content every day?

In my 12 years of professional copywriting, I know without a doubt the best content engages the consumer to learn and take action. I call this echo marketing. My ultimate goal will always be to get your customers to echo the mission and benefits of your brand as if it was originally their idea.

I love helping startups find and hone a brand’s voice. With so many types of content out there here’s how I can help.

Types of Content


Building great brand content should always start with the purpose, mission, and needs of the customer.

For this natural hair brand, I positioned it using science, benefits, and empowerment messaging.

We filled the website with REAL women telling the REAL stories of their hair traumas and how to use these products to see change.

Our goal was to stop women from competing with each other and get them to share tips and talk about the products.

It paid off BIG time and Hair La Vie grew to a powerhouse natural hair brand known for respecting women and not perpetuating the BS shaming tactics the competition uses.

I personally vetted, wrote the questions, and interviewed each of these women. They were my muse for this brand.

Have You Seen My Branding Case Study? 

Web Content

Many brands invest in their branding content and their direct response content but miss a huge opportunity to really educate and increase ORGANIC sales with their web content.

I get it, not all of your blogs can be winners, but you can do better than another barely English Top-Whatever-List from Fiverr stacked with no visual elements.

If you invest in your web content you can build an incredible soft sales funnel for slow leads/email automation, AND from my experience increase your retention rates. That’s before we even talk about the fields of SEO green.

You have to be willing to make your voice unique and make your brand an education hub for your industry. If you’re an influencer right now you’re already ahead of the game.

When the ladies at Coding with Kids came to me to help with their 2020 virtual summer camps launch they really knew what they wanted in terms of strategy. I did copy, design & editing for these.

Above is a baiting social video with the educating follow-up video below. We used these to jump-start the excitement for pre-enrollment.


Did you know your FAQs are extremely important AND they no longer have to be boring? I wrote and fully coordinated this video series with the voiceover actor and video editor. This is how you save your customer AND your customer service the headache of repeating the same thing over and over again.

These are some of my favorite social media pieces. I cut my teeth in marketing producing social media calendars for the big guys and brought my knowledge to the little guys. Now doing social calendars has become a quick, painless dance, BUT you have to plan that dance right or it will become a time-consuming mess.

Here’s an email capture and ebook I wrote for Hair La Vie. These were high education products as most health and natural supplements are. First, we taught women about their hair type. Then, we taught them about using our products.

HLV_081817_HairTypes_A_eBook (1)

You can check out my email portfolio here for more email-specific samples.

Short Articles:
– ​4 Things I Wish I’d Known (co-written with owner)
Brand Education Long:
   – CBD Buyer’s Guide

Direct Response

Everyone knows how important direct response copy is. Direct response is the harder sales tactics for your acquisition department to run and win with.

Your head media buyer and your creative director/marketing manager should be communicating often. Media buyers have insights that unlock more ideas for the creative to split test. This partnership is so important to rapid growth in businesses.

In addition, if your marketer is having a sale it should be leveraged through media buys when possible because sales and promotions are magnets for quickly converting new leads.

I have a checklist for creating direct response copy. Writing and designing is usually the easiest part of this type of content.

See My Content Funnel Case Study Here >>

Below are some of my favorite promotions I’ve created.


Here are some landing pages I’ve written including a third-party ringer for Google.

Landing Page Samples 
   – Smarter Reviews (search)
    – 1MD Bottom Funnel (social)
   – R&R (native)
​   – Consumer Survey CLA​ (search)

Here are a few of my favorite sales videos I’ve written. You’d be surprised that the most lucrative one was also the lowest quality. Looks matter, but sometimes lower quality is more trustworthy so even if you can’t have a 4k quality video don’t worry. Just get the content out there and start testing!