Is Your Brand Telling a Consistent Story that Brings the Feels?

I’ve seen first-hand how quickly using emotion based storytelling can grow a brand. This comes down to not only the the brand’s voice and story, but also the consistency in which they share their message.

Your brand’s voice should be the same from your website to your social media and even your customer service team’s tone.

I adore getting to help brands build/share their story consistently. This is still one of the most exhilarating processes for me.

My Favorite Example of Branding:

All-natural hair care brand, Hair La Vie, was the first brand I was able to use my ideas to build from scratch and she will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.

I learned all about the laws and rules of the wellness industry working with this brand. Hair La Vie grew so fast adding four new products within two years. At this point, we were ready to completely rebrand.

When rebranding I developed a campaign called the “I” campaign in which we interviewed happy customers to help empower others going through similar situations. We made sure the show diversity and real women, not perfect models.

Each woman got to choose her own “I” statement which was so empowering and customers loved it.

Here’s the introduction I wrote video for the campaign.

When redesigning the packaging I spent a month speaking with customers and conducting research to decide the three core benefits of each product. Then, we designed the packaging to include that copy showcased in an “I” statement from the product.

We put each woman’s video and hair trauma story on the site based on hair type so customers could find women just like them.

The customers coming to Hair La Vie were going through something awful and we wanted to make them feel seen and safe.

We then used education to nurture anyone needing extra advice for their specific hair type.

I even worked with our customer service teams for six months to write new scripts to help them better serve our customers.

This is an ebook I wrote for that.

HLV_081817_HairTypes_A_eBook (1)

It paid off BIG time and Hair La Vie has grown into a powerhouse natural hair brand known for respecting women.

I loved getting to I work with and interview each of these women. Here’s a compilation video we cut together.

More Examples of Web Content:

Example #1

When I began working with cannatech, Veriheal, a brand that helps connect medical marijuana patience with cannabis doctors, the industry was saturated with a bunch of unhelpful fluff content. It was hard to tell who to trust.

Veriheal was already doing an amazing job of creating high quality content. So we spent time building press around their efforts through owner interviews, local cannabis law information, and research driven content. Here’s an example of a final research report I helped organize into this article. More press pieces I helped write with them are linked below.

Example #2

Did you know your FAQs are extremely important too? Making these visual and fun helps keep the consumers’ attention. This not only helps your customers with the purchasing decision but it saves your customer service team time while keeping your brand’s messaging consistent.

For pet CBD brand, Hemp Tail, I wrote and fully coordinated a series of 12 videos using the brand’s top customer questions.

Here’s the Brand Essence video we produced for the brand.

Example #3

Here’s a fun how-to video we produced for a new toothbrush technology, TurboBrush360. I adore when a brand trusts the creative team to try something different and the Gen Z audience we were targeting with this LOVED the story we created here.


Product Page Copy Samples:

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