Only Having One Sales Funnel is Leaving Cash on the Table

After years of building funnels, something I wish more brands understood is your brand needs both an evergreen sales funnel AND a seasonal promo funnel.

The evergreen funnel is a hard sales pitch that introduces your brand and highlights your product’s core benefits. This funnel is a combination of your media buying team’s landing pages and email automation. It’s job is getting that first-time purchaser to convert. I love building these funnels using clinical studies, testimonials and education pieces.

The seasonal promo funnel is more creative, it’s created for new product launches, event promotions, giveaway, cross-sales and seasonal sales. This funnel is designed to not only activate anyone hanging around the bottom of your first-time purchaser funnel but also to reactive your current purchasers. Seasonal promotions should be eye-catching and unique. This not only helps retention but it’s a great way to get press pieces.

Duel Sales Funnel Example:

I managed marketing and created funnels for Pure Hemp CBD. This was a custom build out for a parent influencer brand called Dank City that had 1 million+ followers and didn’t know how to monetize.

I built a hub of content including education, testimonials, social proof, medical studies, and baseline press placements. I funneled these pieces into blogs for their evergreen email automation.

Then, I helped them use that funnel to create six months worth of promotional funnels including their first Black Friday and Christmas sales. It paid off big time for the brand and was so much fun to create.

What I Delivered:

 – 40 SEO keyworded blogs filled with education and social proof
 – Email drip sequences and 8 months worth of promos/newsletters
 – 16 high-quality brand and brand education videos
Technology I Used:
–  Shopify
 – Drip Email
– Facebook and Pinterest ads
What I Learned:
– Warm leads from the right influencers can be converted very quickly with the right education and social proof.
– Abandoned carts with incentives and ticking time clocks work to save the bottom of that funnel! (Duh)
– Emails with GIFs convert 26% higher than flat images.
– Customers LOVE fun interactive quizzes and surveys which can low-key qualify them to buy.
– This brand ORGANICALLY hit seven figures in sales within the first year.
– Our retention rates were 44% which is incredible for a new CBD brand.

Here are Some of the Best Performing Articles I Wrote and Designed:

I’ve now used customer surveys, like the one below, multiple times to build trust leading up to a big sale. It works across the board in every industry I’ve tried it with. People want to hear from your customers.

Here are Some Email Promotions:

Want to See More Email Funnels I’ve Worked On?

I discovered adding GIFs in emails is by far the most effective way to get that click through.

Other Examples of Sales Content I’ve Produced:


Hard Sales Landing Page Samples:
   – Smarter Reviews (search)
    – 1MD Bottom Funnel (social)
   – R&R (native)
​   – Consumer Survey CLA​ (search)

Here are a few of my favorite videos I managed/produced. You’d be surprised that the most lucrative one by far was also the lowest quality.

I cannot tell you how important UGC/testimonial content is to the purchasing decision. Not influencers, real people with real stories. It needs to be someone customers’ can relate to and trust.

This is a prospecting ad I did for Snapchat which surprisingly loved new technology.

– Mandy Bio Organics (I wrote/conducted this interview. I LOVE interviewing happy customers/industry insiders and this type of content works great for YouTube ads.)

– Hair La Vie Testimonials #1 (This was one of my first UGC projects I managed all of these creators down to sending a list of questions for them to answer in their videos and then worked with an editor to make cuts to tell the story.)

– Hair La Vie Testimonials #2 (After the great performance of the previous video we did it again for a different product and this was the cut we used for YEARS. Women loved it.)

– 1MD SimpleX

Want to see how well funnels work for retention? Check out my email sales case study!