“I’m Too Old for TikTok…Right?” 😂

I started a TikTok right after having my son in 2019. I’ve always wanted to learn how to be on camera and how to properly edit videos. Yes, I felt too old for the platform, but made a promise to myself to post one video every day for a year. I had no idea how this would change my life.

As I gained more confidence on the platform I started sharing my creative writing and healing journey from Postpartum Depression. I began going viral with these videos.

Here’s My First Viral Video:

Then, I started teaching free breathwork courses on my LIVEs to meet new friends.

By March 2021 I’d built my TikTok community to over 30,000 followers. So I offered my platform to other creators for my first free virtual retreat. This was attended by over 750 people.

Here’s the landing page I made for the first event and some more promos from other retreats I’ve put together since.

Then, I started actually trying to go viral just to see if I could. I discovered using trending sounds and hooks leading to longer form educational videos went viral the most.

Here’s a Few Examples of Those:


To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the brand collaboration offers I was getting so I decided to create my own brand BLiftedSpirit offering courses and printables of my affirmations to monetize my work.

I chose the tagline “Be Bright, Be Brave, Be Lifted” because those are what I consider my top qualities.

I designed an over 100 page PDF to go with the live courses (Want to see the course? Just ask).

Here’s the landing page I made (since updated for the digital version). 

When I launched I sold the courses through soft sales in my free LIVE courses. Don’t underestimate the selling power of the LIVE feature on both TikTok and Instagram.

My courses sold out five months in a row and my channel grew to over 100,000 posting just once a day.

Sidenote, yes, I could have posted a lot more and grown rapidly but I wanted to be able to engage with and get to know the people in my community. I believe this is why I’ve never burned out creating content and why my channel still does well today. People actually know me and I know many of them by name.

So I turned the course into a digital property to focus on the launch of my first book, Crazy Smart | A Shadow Worker’s Journey.

I spent months putting samples of the book on my socials and doing readings in my LIVEs, so by the time the presales began people were super excited.

Here’s Some of Those Posts (click to read full sample):

This was an emotional experience for me and I wanted my audience to share in that.

Here’s some of the promo videos I made for the book:

Here’s the landing page I made for Crazy Smart | A Shadow Worker’s Journey.  I was writing personal notes in the books and packaging them as gifts. This gained me another 30,000 followers and I sold out my first run in under two months. It also gathered over 30 unboxing videos, you can see some of those here.

Since then I’ve been testing different avenues with the brand. I launched three other limited time courses successfully and even began making something I call Magic Scoops which is a fun way to combine my writing with other aspects of my community in a nostalgic way. I’ve sold out every batch I’ve made since March through my LIVEs.

I’ve also been flown out to speak and teach courses at a few different private retreats around the country which has been a lot of fun.

BLiftedSpirit’s Future

I am currently finishing my second book, a poetry and feelings workbook. I am stoked to use the unboxing content from my first book to build a sales funnel for both. I plan to slowly build my author portfolio this way.

I’m learning so many new things and having a ball building this brand. I’ve been very blessed to have it as a second income for my small family.

Have you seen my Coral White Case Study?