What is the Lifted Souls?

The Problem: When I began my spiritual healer journey, as my content began taking off I was hit with a ton of lost souls stuck in the awakening process feeling alone, needing answers. I was overwhelmed at first but then recognized the pattern. I was being sent healers in need of healing so they can understand how to step into their power and help heal others. 

My Solution: I couldn’t possibly help everyone reaching out so one day I received a download to create space and this program for healers to help each other like a Big Brother, Big Sister Program. I call these Spiritual Sponsors.

Our Mission: Grow a bright, brave soul family of healers using their powers to help guide new healers to their light so they can pay it forward. Together we are truly lifted. 

What is Echo Marketing?

Echo Marketing is an entire 360-degree brand incubation method that builds your benefit messaging foundation in just 3 months. That’s right, 0 to FULLY searchable on Google and YouTube with education, social and expert proof in just 3 months!

The goal is to get the public and your audience to start echoing back our initial strategy. This leads to increased conversion rates, faster purchasing decisions, and lower acquisition/retention costs. All of this leads to more honey, I mean MONEY, as in higher profit margins.

Brand Set Up

Planting the seed to your brand’s echo. Making you a strategy to be a legitimate resource for your community. I show your team how to build proactive content instead of stressful/error-filled reactive content.

Launch Echo

This is when we take your brand to the public and start growing your echo. We use your customers, guest blogging, influencers, experts, and press to authenticate your story.

Echo Money

Now we get to harvest from your authentic echo to create sales funnels stronger than those fly-by-night competitors. This is where we get your landing pages, ads, and email automation creative optimized to stop wasting acquisition budgets.

Why Does Echo Marketing Work So Well? 

It’s simple. Word of mouth is by far the most powerful sales driver. A 2020 Nielsen report shows 92 percent of people believe suggestions from friends and family MORE than advertising and 74 percent of consumers say word of mouth as the main driver for their purchasing decisions

Yet, only 33 percent of businesses are actively seeking out and collecting reviews/testimonials and press

This is your blue ocean opportunity. 

How Can I Do So Much In Such a Short Time?

Practice makes perfect and I’ve had a decade head start designing echos for my clients.

  • I’ve built multiple zero to a million brands’ content strategies from the ground up.
  • I have cultivated relationships with influencers, press members, reviewers, and white hate SEO experts. If I don’t know them, I know how to get to them.
  • I have written and assembled organic and paid sales funnels that have run for years and made millions of dollars.

Don’t take my word for it though. NEVER take anyone’s word for it. I truly hope you know by now the internet is the wild west of bullshit. Get those receipts.

Check out these case studies to see my proof is in the honey. 😉

B's Honey

Zero to a million case studies.

The Goal:

Jumping from a well-known natural Amazon brand to a successful multi-brand parent company.

The Goal:

Strategize, create, and launch an entire content funnel for a popular influencer’s new CBD brand.

The Goal:

Increase retention & overall sales by implementing & automating email marketing.

What Each Echo Step Looks Like:

Step 1: Brand Set-Up or Tightening.

Strategizing and building your brand’s echo across everything in-house. At the end of this month, you’ll have launch-ready content including a full 3-month content calendar ready for execution. 

Brand Setup includes:

  • Complete Brand Guide
  • Benefit Messaging Product One-Sheets (up to 5)
  • Homepage Copy + Intro. Video
  • About Copy + Brand Essence Video 
  • Up to 5 Fully Developed Product Pages with 3 Lifestyle Images + 3 product shots each + 1 How to Video 
  • Fully Written, Designed, Coded Welcome Email Series 
  • Complete Content Strategy + 3 Monthly Content Calendars 
  • 10 SEO’d blogs (up to 800 words)
  • 6 reusable social templates 
  • FAQs up to 2,000 words 
  • Full Store Policy up to 1,000 words

See Examples of How I do Branding Content Here >> 

Step 2: Echo Launch.

Guiding the beginning of your audience echo through YouTube Testimonials, written reviews, guest blog posting, and press placement. 

Many times you’ll have to sign a 6 month to a year long-term contract of $4-5,000 per month with a PR agency to reach the bigger named press. Half the time those publications reject your pitch outright. These PR agencies usually miss the need for reviews, influencers, and testimonials all together. That’s ANOTHER agency you’ll have to hire on a monthly retainer. 

My method makes it easy, simple, and AFFORDABLE to launch your echo while skipping the line. Get a REAL As Seen On section on your homepage in just 30 days. Do you want the big boys? I’m talking Forbes or Entrepreneur. I’ve got direct connections.*

Echo Launch includes:

  • 5 strong at least 3-minute product testimonial videos
  • 5 guided Unboxing YouTubes videos from micro-influencers
  • 3 radically unique brand press releases angles we’ll put out on the wire
  • I’ll pitch you to all major network shows including The Doctors, The Real, The View, Rachael Ray & more!**
  • 100 high DEA links with guaranteed branded keyword placements
  • 5 guest blog posts 
  • At least 2 magazine or local news segment placements (*oftentimes I can land more with the press release but these types of placement are NOT guaranteed unless you’re doing a pay for play model which I do have a pricing list for this too)
  • 20 quality Facebook reviews
  • 20 quality Google reviews
  • 15 influencer posts including stories for your bubbles
  • 20 engaged social media posts 
  • At least 500 REAL, engaging followers 
  • Customer/community service guides up to 1,000 words

*Features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post do cost extra as my connections to these magazines are pay per play models. Let me know if you want to see the list. I will also be pitching you to these major network shows but please know they rarely take pitch materials and are NOT guaranteed.

Step 3: Monetizing Your Echo.

Creating lucrative promotions, automation, and sales funnels around this echo to keep the conversation and conversions going.  

Sharing Your Echo includes:

  • 2 – 1-minute compilation testimonial videos (works INCREDIBLE on landing pages) sized for YouTube & Instagram
  • The option of 3 Educational 15 Second Tik Toks, YouTube Pre-rolls or IG Reels
  • 3 sets of Google Ads copy to test
  • 2 full-funnel landing pages to test
  • 2 lead email exit-intent capture
  • 1 5-day lead capture course (templates + emails set up for automation)
  • 1 complete evergreen giveaway (3 social templates, 3 email templates, 5 posts with copy, 1 press release for link building) 
  • 10 blog/social posts showing you how to leverage your Echo Launch content 
  • 30 Pinterest Pins (people ALWAYS miss this but Pinterest is one of the top search engines in the country) 

Not only can I provide all of this in a timely, organized, no-hassle manner, but this system is all built into templates you can use again in the future after your juniors have learned the process.

All you need to provide is a great product, great leads (while B Lifted is a creative agency we DO have incredible partners who can help with lead development), and a company contact ready to learn. 

More Receipts I’m Great to Work With:

  • Wildly creative’ is the phase that comes to mind when I think about Bobbie Jo. She is a forward-thinking, resourceful and dependable. I was always amazed by her ability to command a room and get people on board with new ideas. We will greatly miss her and her scrumptious baked treats. Bobbie Jo would be an asset to any team."

    • Mara B. from Del Mar Designs
  • "Bobbie Jo has the ability to make the hardest most talented marketing team stop and rethink their whole strategy. That’s how big of a force she is. A powerhouse, that constantly thinks outside the box and eats your “good ideas” for breakfast."

    • Amy A. from Hair La Vie
  • "She pairs genius creative ideas with well thought out strategy and execution to form exciting and successful projects. She is a delight to work with and always lifting and motivating her fellow staff." 

    • Aubrey M. from Coral White

And we’re back!

Cool story bro but why should I work with you?

Oh, I’m not done.

These pictures are blurry because entrepreneurship is blurry. No one sees the full staircase at first.

From my 10 years of building zero to a million startups, I know the most important thing for creating content is not being afraid to swing the bat.

In fact, you HAVE to swing the bat, again, and again (perfect or not) to really learn and form your brand’s creative voice. 

I promise you being stuck in a perfection cycle will kill your business faster than any copy, graphic, or research error

And honestly, from my experience, running is how small businesses win over the big guys. Big businesses are stuck with teams, agencies, lawyers, and board members to please. Meetings on meetings and drama on egos. One email or LP takes them weeks because they have too many cooks in the kitchen. 

You can make their weaknesses your strength.

You can put out content 10 to their 1. 

That’s where I come in.

I do quality.

I don’t do egos.

I do mentor.

I don’t do time-wasting.

I do consistency.

I don’t do perfection anymore, played that game for 30 years, and they retired my jersey in the gym.

I do balance because balance is how I run and how you’re going to run. You HAVE to find your balance. 

Okay, very cool, can I hire you now?

One more thing. If you’re a new entrepreneur or marketing manager I want you to please know one piece of content will never define you as long as you know this business is your true purpose. 

No one can talk you out of winning in YOUR lane.

And that’s what makes me different. I’ll build you up to run faster than the big boys ever could, but you’ve got to get out of your head and not be afraid to fail.

In fact, you should learn to be grateful for the swings you miss. It strengthens your precision to knock it out of the park. 

If I can take some accidentally blurry selfies and craft that story, imagine what I can do for your brand’s story. 😉

So how can I help?

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