So I was going to make one of those snazzy-snoozy homepage videos explaining with a lot of hand gestures who I am and what I do.

But at my core, I’m a creative not a suit so you already know I just HAVE to be different.

I want to work with brands and entrepreneurs who want to be different too.

So I made you this GIF and wrote you a story that showcases my personality/storytelling ability through words. After all, that’s what you’re here for right? 🙃 

BTW, I say GIF with a G, not JIF if that affects our ability to work together I fully understand. 🤣

Once upon a time, 20 years ago, my broke 12-year-old self realized I could make $20 a pop writing emo-preteen poetry. I was already writing that and Harry Potter fanfiction for free anyways. I grabbed that cash creating moods with words and never looked back. 

Ever since people have always wanted to put a label on the type of creator I am.

Here comes the hippy flavored water…I see creating as a lifestyle choice not a single specific talent. 

For years I let people tell me you’re good at this and bad at that so ONLY do THIS! I no longer work that way. 

I show up every single day ready to learn and try. I’m not interested in churning out the same thing over and over. I’m interested in growth. 

I show up, do my best for that day, and sometimes I have to believe when no one else does. 

Entrepreneurship is exactly the same.

I have so much respect for anyone who takes this journey. I KNOW what you or your boss is going through. It’s not easy. I’m here to help.

What does that have to do with this GIF?

Go watch it again and then read this.

  • I’m looking to the past as a storyteller using my intuition and knowledge to build the message.
  • As a writer, I study YOU the consumer to craft the exact words needed to access your mind for the transmission.
  • As an artist, I look towards the future of design to construct the vehicle in which I share these messages.

And if you read the bold parts of that you’ll see my creative process.

Look to the past as YOU craft the future. 

It’s simple, yet effective. 

More after this brief commercial break…

I’m Great to Work With:

  • Wildly creative’ is the phase that comes to mind when I think about Bobbie Jo. She is a forward-thinking, resourceful and dependable. I was always amazed by her ability to command a room and get people on board with new ideas. We will greatly miss her and her scrumptious baked treats. Bobbie Jo would be an asset to any team."

    • Mara B. from Del Mar Designs
  • "Bobbie Jo has the ability to make the hardest most talented marketing team stop and rethink their whole strategy. That’s how big of a force she is. A powerhouse, that constantly thinks outside the box and eats your “good ideas” for breakfast."

    • Amy A. from Hair La Vie
  • "She pairs genius creative ideas with well thought out strategy and execution to form exciting and successful projects. She is a delight to work with and always lifting and motivating her fellow staff." 

    • Aubrey M. from Coral White

And we’re back!

Cool story bro but why should I work with you?

Oh, I’m not done.

These pictures are blurry because entrepreneurship is blurry. No one sees the full staircase at first.

From my 10 years of building zero to a million startups, I know the most important thing for creating content is not being afraid to swing the bat.

In fact, you HAVE to swing the bat, again, and again (perfect or not) to really learn and form your brand’s creative voice. 

I promise you being stuck in a perfection cycle will kill your business faster than any copy, graphic, or research error

And honestly, from my experience, running is how small businesses win over the big guys. Big businesses are stuck with teams, agencies, lawyers, and board members to please. Meetings on meetings and drama on egos. One email or LP takes them weeks because they have too many cooks in the kitchen. 

You can make their weaknesses your strength.

You can put out content 10 to their 1. 

That’s where I come in.

I do quality.

I don’t do egos.

I do mentor.

I don’t do time-wasting.

I do consistency.

I don’t do perfection anymore, played that game for 30 years, and they retired my jersey in the gym.

I do balance because balance is how I run and how you’re going to run. You HAVE to find your balance. 

Okay, very cool, can I hire you now?

One more thing. If you’re a new entrepreneur or marketing manager I want you to please know one piece of content will never define you as long as you know this business is your true purpose. 

No one can talk you out of winning in YOUR lane.

And that’s what makes me different. I’ll build you up to run faster than the big boys ever could, but you’ve got to get out of your head and not be afraid to fail.

In fact, you should learn to be grateful for the swings you miss. It strengthens your precision to knock it out of the park. 

If I can take some accidentally blurry selfies and craft that story, imagine what I can do for your brand’s story. 😉

So how can I help?

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