What is Branding?

The Problem: Most small businesses and boutique creative agencies stop branding after they’ve completed their brand guide, website, and content strategy. They jump straight into paid ads with a generic content/reporting cycle instead of really incubating the brand properly. 

Don’t sell your brand short. Your brand deserves a conversation that includes great emails, blogs, videos, and press releases. 

The Solution: Me! I help my clients build a smart, concise brand story that brings both a full understanding of all offerings and the feels for your audience to really connect with you.

My approach works so well because I create from an intuitive place that uncovers your audience’s wants, needs, and insecurities. I have found this approach builds brand trust and loyalty quickly. 

I adore what I do and love all stages of branding from incubation to rebranding efforts including helping to mentor junior creatives and new entrepreneurs through the scary business of…well…business. 😊

How Can B Lifted Creative Help?

Whenever I help incubate a new brand I break the full launch into the three steps below. Each step is meant to help create and share your brand’s echo. The goal is to get your audience to echo back the education and benefit messaging you create for your brand. This builds a solid foundation for trust and sales. 

The first is internal creators, the second is sourcing and directing external creators, and the last is rebuilding the content from the first two into a sales machine you can run 24/7.

Brand Set Up

Planting the seed of your brand’s echo. Building your brand’s story through your website content including about page, product pages, FAQs, educational blogs, testimonials, and incentive offers.

Launch Echo

This is when we take your brand to the public to create the echo. Testimonial video scripts, reviews, press releases, social media content, email newsletters, one-sheets, media pitches, influencer pitches/packaging.

Echo Money

Now we get to harvest from your authentic echo and create sales funnels. This is how we create your landing pages, ad sets, VSLs, promotions, and nurture email automations.

What I Do Best: 

  • Copy. I have written everything from ebooks to multimillion-dollar selling landing pages to product packaging. I love writing press releases and in-depth researched articles.
  • Email/Graphic Design. I have been designing within Canva for almost 5 years. I’ve produced everything from package inserts to GIF email graphics.
  • Email Template Design & Flow Build: I have been building email drips for over 8 years. I can build from scratch in most EMRs and after sending hundreds of successful emails I can help build a sound email strategy.
  • Brand Strategy: I have a system for brand auditing and brand guide builds. Ask about my full brand strategy packages.
  • Educational Videos. I can write VSL scripts. I can also put together 1-5 minute How-to, FAQ, Brand Essence, or testimonial videos.


Industries I Work in Most:

I pride myself on being a diverse creator able to learn new industries quickly but as far as FDA regulations, audience needs, and clinical information these are the industries I understand most. 

  • I cut my teeth in marketing creating for the entertainment industry both at theme parks like SeaWorld and studios like Universal Pictures and Amazon Prime. 
  • I honed my incubation and content management processes for health and wellness brands including beauty, natural supplements, and oral care. 
  • In the last four years, I have grown as a cannabis writer and advocate working with dispensaries, eCommerce brands, celebrities, and cannatechs.
  • I also have experience with non-profits and educational eCommerce. 

B's Honey

Zero to a million case studies.

The Goal:

Jumping from a well-known natural Amazon brand to a successful multi-brand parent company.

The Goal:

Strategize, create, and launch an entire content funnel for a popular influencer’s new CBD brand.

The Goal:

Increase retention & overall sales by implementing & automating email marketing.

More Receipts I’m Great to Work With:

  • Wildly creative’ is the phase that comes to mind when I think about Bobbie Jo. She is a forward-thinking, resourceful and dependable. I was always amazed by her ability to command a room and get people on board with new ideas. We will greatly miss her and her scrumptious baked treats. Bobbie Jo would be an asset to any team."

    • Mara B. from Del Mar Designs
  • "Bobbie Jo has the ability to make the hardest most talented marketing team stop and rethink their whole strategy. That’s how big of a force she is. A powerhouse, that constantly thinks outside the box and eats your “good ideas” for breakfast."

    • Amy A. from Hair La Vie
  • "She pairs genius creative ideas with well thought out strategy and execution to form exciting and successful projects. She is a delight to work with and always lifting and motivating her fellow staff." 

    • Aubrey M. from Coral White

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