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If you can’t get into the room as it’s full you can watch us on Tik Tok Live or on YouTube live (PSST, brand new YouTube so it’d be kinda cool if you followed? Thank you! Will be posting more there starting next week.)


The Path to Spiritual Freedom Retreat is our second FREE opportunity for the soul family to come together and learn.

Each speaker will be presenting knowledge and ideas to help expand and heal the conscious collective. We are encouraging you to not just watch but participate and connect with others in the spiritual community through this event.

The event is 2 days! Friday, June 25th starting at 5:30 p.m. EST & Saturday, June 26th starting at  2 p.m. EST.

This will be run through Zoom with (only the first 100 will make it in the Zoom room) but any overflow will be Live on YouTube/Tik Tok for all excess.

Make sure to put us on your email contact list so you don’t miss any information. We will be emailing you info. from the speaker and the links to the classes a few days before the event.

Yes, this will be recorded via YouTube Live & will be shared there on that day.

Our Goals with this Retreat:

  • Bringing new ideas & information to the spiritual community.
  • Helping you meet & expand your soul family.
  • Healing from common areas of spiritual pain.
  • Coming together to amplify, heal & protect the energy of the entire collective.

Please reach out to our host Bobbie Jo aka BLifted with any questions or advice.

Thank you for joining us. Our goal is to be able to offer these virtual retreats once a quarter!

Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Heal Your Past, Raise Your Vibrations, Unlock Your Ultimate Potential, And Make A Massive Impact On The World

Drea Moksha is an intuitive empath, energy healer, spiritual coach and teacher, meditation guide, & unshakable optimist dedicated to helping YOU become your Highest Self, living your highest purpose, and creating massive impact in the world by connecting you to energy.

 Her career spans wellness, nutrition, reiki, mindfulness, energy medicine, neuroscience, teacher, life-coaching, and spiritual guidance

Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous inventors of all-time, said, 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

During an intense awakening of panic attacks every day for months, insomnia, and deep depression, I found myself in a psychiatric ward. All of my anxiety, trauma, overwhelm, addictions, and depression finally caught up to me.
While sitting in the psych ward, in a frumpy tan uniform, hair frazzled, and at the lowest moment of my life, I knew things had to change.
After being released, I sold all of my belongings and packed 5 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and 5 pairs of underwear in a small backpack. I did what scared me the most: solo traveled around the world as a woman, with the intention to ‘find myself’ and my soul purpose.
For over ten years now, I’ve has been traveling the world, facilitating deep inner work, leading guided meditations for tens of thousands of people at a time, living in Buddhist Monasteries, reading hundreds of books, and teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to tap into energy to heal themselves and become their ultimate potential.

Because once you learn how to tap into energy, you literally unlock the secrets of the universe. You unlock the secrets to success, relationships, life purpose, ultimate potential, healing, and how to create a MASSIVE impact in the world.

And whether you know it or not, you are already tapped into energy…you are just not conscious of it.

You know that anxious feeling you have in your body when you’re worried about your health? Or when you feel stuck and unmotivated? What about the feeling of heartbreak? That’s ALL energy! And right now, you are on auto-pilot every day, unconsciously reacting to the energy in your life.

Once you become conscious of it, you can literally change YOUR world…and THE ENTIRE world.

And guess what? Learning to work with energy is a skill anybody can learn…BECAUSE YOU. ARE. ENERGY. 

And when energy learns to become conscious of itself…incredible miracles take place.
Looking forward to our journey together, future energy worker!
So much love and light,
Drea Moksha

Hi I’m Trinity faith a.k.a. Infinite Abundance on Tik Tok. I am devoted to sharing my life with the world. I share any part of my story that may help bring new understanding to others and help them get a new perspective on how they can better their own life and take control of themselves, mind, body, and soul. I haven’t been on my healing and spiritual journey very long, at least consciously. 

When I realized the healing that comes with radical honesty with yourself and others I started living a life I never thought I’d see for myself. A life walking away from my trauma drama and toxicity, limiting beliefs and fears that once controlled every aspect of my life. 

I am learning to remove obstacles from my life by internal healing and really truly seeing myself for the first time. My mission is to help others find who they are and discover their inner power. I want to help others see their reflection for the first time stripped of all doubt in themselves so we may truly live the lives we deserve, free of lack and limitations.

Dear friends,

We are in this journey together and I’m blessed to be here with you and am truly humbled to have been given this opportunity to share what is hopefully seeds that you will tend to yourself and see amazing growth blessing internal power and new version of you that is your liberation that you are creating for yourself much love and happy healing ✨

Andrea is a reiki level II healer, and spiritual intuitive. She is the owner and lead artist at Ultraviolet Creations. She has been on her spiritual journey her entire existence, and undergone many different awakenings, as we all do. Andrea is a small business owner, artist, energy reader, healer, and mama to a beautiful baby boy. 

I am so excited to connect with those on their spiritual path to oneness. I appreciate the opportunity to live my purpose through healing others. I love every part of this journey and I’m very grateful to be able to share my recovery story with you all.

Melissa is an intuitive channel and soul coach with a passion to tune into guidance from Spirit to heal, release, and help you step into your True Self. She strongly believes we already hold the answers we need within. This is where she teaches from, a place of self-resilience. 

Everything you need is within the wisdom of your soul. Together, with guidance from Spirit, Melissa works to identify the barriers keeping you from hearing and listening to your guidance and tune into the message, practice, or idea you are waiting for to claim your truth. Melissa is very excited to be presenting and can often be seen doing duel LIVES on Tik Tok with B and other creators in the spiritual space. 

Coneigh is a Psychic Medium and Twin Flame Healer. She owns her own medium business called Angelic Moon Guidance🦋. In her time as a spiritual advisor, Coneigh has dealt with rejection and failure more times than she can count. It’s the one recurring theme in the spiritual journey. Coneigh got her start in spirituality through failure and rejection, now she’s going to share this story with you of perseverance in the face of defeat. 

Today Coneigh teaches other divine feminines how to clear the roadblocks on their journey when it seems no one else can help, and teaches the importance of self-validation, independence, and acceptance of our shadow self. She’s all about self-empowerment and keeping yourself accountable.

Jewels started her spiritual journey to become a better person. Little did she know there was a Phoenix inside waiting to be birthed. Defeating the odds is her mission. Building up others to own their power is her destiny. This 32-year-old packs a powerful punch spiritually. With God and the Universe by her side, Jewels are unstoppable. Jewels is an Angel Card Reader blessed with the anointing to reach you deeply. Jewels works closely with Angels to give you the message your heart needs. Jewels uses all tools to ensure that once you leave her presence the fire inside is ignited.

Jewels is the mother of three beautiful children and a wife as well. She was raised in Mississippi. Hospitality was wired into her DNA. Jewels has a loving disposition that derived from years of love from her family. Reaching the masses is her goal and with God as her guide, she will accomplish her Divine path. Jewels is a very talented motivational speaker who can make you feel comfortable to be you unapologetically.

Bobbie Jo is the creator and host of the Full Moon Retreat. She was called to create this event to give a platform for spiritual healers and the collective to connect.

Bobbie Jo is a shadow worker and intuitive spiritual healer. Spend enough time with her and she’ll have you loving your darkness just as much as your light. She’s the founder of B Lifted Spirit a spiritual healer shop and of B Lifted Creative a startup content incubator.

Bobbie Jo grew up the granddaughter of an astrologer doctor of hypnotherapy on one side and a traveling preacher on the other. She comes from a long lineage of healers. She taps into her Irish heritage for her spirit work. She teaches a variety of shadow work, energy healing, breathwork, reiki, limiting belief removal, manifestation/affirmation writing, guide connections, and protection casting activities/workshops.

Bobbie Jo has been a lifelong advocate for children, the mentally ill, and the homeless. She regularly volunteers and helps non-profit organizations with her creative abilities. To-date she has helped raise over half a billion dollars for charity and as she puts it “I wanta be a billionaire so fu$kin’ bad.” She has been creating professionally for over 20 years and holds multiple degrees in writing. Storytelling is her specialty. Her first book will be published in late 2021!

She is also the proud mama of a beautiful curly-haired, blue-eyed boy. He drives her to leave a legacy of kindness, love, and light.

Register for the Virtual Healing Retreat Below

Then, check your email for a pre-retreat treat!