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The retreat starts in less than 24 hours! At 1 p.m. EST. tomorrow the first room opens. Due to YouTube still not activating my Live Streaming capabilities I have upgraded our Zoom so everyone can be in the Zoom rooms together!

For anyone who can’t make it the recordings of the webinar will be available on YouTube next week so don’t worry if you can’t make it for all of the events. 

The retreat Zoom will work in 3 sections. 
From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. you can access the Zoom room at this link.
From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. you can access the Zoom room at this link.
From 6 p.m. to the end you can access the Zoom room at this link.

The Healing Moon Retreat is our first FREE opportunity for the collective to discover and grow with a like-minded soul family. Each speaker will be presenting knowledge and ideas to help expand and heal the conscious collective. We are encouraging you to not just watch but participate and connect with others in the spiritual community through this event.

The event is Sunday, March 28th starting at 1 p.m. EST with a drum circle!

This will be run through Zoom with (only the first 100 will make it in the Zoom room) but any overflow will be Live on YouTube/Tik Tok for all excess.

Make sure to put us on your email contact list so you don’t miss any information. We will be emailing you info. from the speaker and the links to the classes a few days before the event.

Our Goals with this Retreat:

  • Bringing new ideas & information to the spiritual community.
  • Helping you meet & expand your soul family.
  • Healing from common areas of spiritual pain.
  • Coming together to amplify, heal & protect the energy of the entire collective.

Please reach out to our host Bobbie Jo aka BLifted with any questions or advice.

Thank you for joining us. Our goal is to be able to offer these virtual retreats once a quarter!

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Luci Lampe is a sexual empowerment and mindset coach. She’s also an award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress, lifestyle and fitness model. Oh, there’s more, she’s also a 3-time author and entrepreneur. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, CBS, and Fox.

After a 6+ year hiatus from the music industry, overcoming an autoimmune disorder, and surviving hell as a family through her husband’s 2-year disability and depression, Luci returns with a bold, unapologetic message of freedom and courage. 

Professionally, she draws upon her studies and certifications in neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, counseling, EFT tapping, and her degree in Exercise Science, to create unique, powerful programs and curricula for her clients and members.

Musically, she boasts a hooking pop sound with soulful, heartfelt vocals. Think: The Weeknd meets Christina and Shakira). From confident and sexually empowered to tender and emotionally vulnerable, Luci exposes her pain, desire, surrender, and courage in her music like never before.

Luci does all of this while being a mother to 4 beautiful children!

Rebecca Haney is the founder of Your Spiritual Sidekick. She is an empath, intuitive guide, and spiritual mentor who specializes in guiding feminine souls through the beginning stages of their spiritual journeys.

Rebecca began her own spiritual journey in early 2017. She, at first, fought against the guidance of the Universe and tried desperately to cling to her old beliefs and ways of life. However, after about a full year of misalignment, she finally lost the energy to resist any longer and began down her path. Rebecca felt isolated, overwhelmed, and often scared during the beginning stages of her spiritual journey. She did not have anyone in her life who understood what she was going through or that was able to offer her guidance. Because of her personal experience, Rebecca decided that she did not want any other souls to feel this way during their journey. She decided to become a support, guide, and teacher for those who desire more connection through their spiritual experiences. In her mentoring and coaching,

Rebecca utilizes tools such as shadow work, tarot readings, energy healing, and meditation to help guide her clients in discovering their own unique spiritual paths. Rebecca also pulls from her experience as a holistic mental health therapist to enhance her abilities to connect with her client’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Sarah Fessler is a Witch, Healer, Herbalist, Empath, Oracle & Teacher (we’ll just say she tends to wear many witchy hats here). She is the owner & operator of Sunflowers in Scorpio, an online herbal shop that offers witchy and non-witchy items aimed at tapping into the healing power of herbs and a little magic.

Sarah also has a Master’s degree in Higher Education & Student Personnel Administration (Canisius College) with a background in counseling and crisis services, as well as social/digital media. She also has a Bachelors in Public Relations (SUNY Oswego) and an Associate’s degree in Public Communication & rhetoric. Sarah has worked in Higher Education and Residence Life for over 3 years, supporting and guiding students through their personal and career development, working at both large and small institutions such as Penn State University and St. Lawrence University.

Janell Jean-Marie is an intuitive tarot reader + spiritual guide, mentor, and coach empowering others to take their power back, embody their truth, and align with their purpose through integrative healing and techniques.

Mari Velazquez is a unique tarot card reader, bruja, curandera, empath and teacher. Mari is the owner and creator of Moon Mystic Readings, specializing in spiritually supportive tarot & healing services. Mari combines shadow work, meditation, divination tools, & traditional Mexican healing practices to aid in spiritual growth.

Mari has always been drawn to the paranormal. As a child she grew up watching paranormal investigatory, & medium shows. Yet, the dramatic cinematography of those shows made her feel distant from the mystical. Nevertheless, Mari started to embrace her connection to the spiritual in 2018 when she began learning tarot. Like many in the collective, Mari went through an enormous spiritual awakening in the beginning of 2020 when she channeled her departed grandmother. As a result, Mari was guided towards brujeria, & traditional Mexican healing.

Furthermore, Mari is a certified secondary education teacher who has received professional development in SEI (Social Emotional Intelligence), Trauma Sensitivity, Building Positive Relationships, Building Resilience, and more. Mari draws upon her professional educational background, and spiritual experiences to help facilitate conversations towards inner growth.

Individuals often search for “the light at the end of the tunnel”, but what many do not realize is that the light is emitting from within. They have the answers and capability to heal. As such, it is Mari’s mission is to help clients reclaim their inner power and strength.

Paige Young is the owner and founder of Spiritual Inclinations, which provides intuitive guidance/coaching and healing to clients, utilizing her multi-dimensional gifts and abilities. For 20 years, Paige has had a career as a surgical nurse and humanitarian.

Paige started to develop her gifts and abilities from a very young age and began a journey of being connected to other dimensions. Through this journey, she found herself “figuring it out” on her own, learning and trusting her abilities is now what she shares with clients.

Paige loves helping people develop and trust their own divine connection, recognize and heal trauma, understand our energetic fields (and the responsibility of such). Through the utilization of oracle decks, Paige provides her clients with an in-depth experience into their own world and beyond.

Paige is a proud mother of one son (with a grandbaby due at the end of June). She’s energetic, vibrant, and often sings or brings humor into sessions. Providing a comfortable safe container, she’s able to utilize all of her gifts to facilitate an amazing experience. Paige has spent her life in service to others, she has an amazing heart and loves sharing this human experience with everyone. 

Melanie Hinrichs (Hen-ricks) is a rare intuitive artist who channels other people’s energy by closing her eyes while drawing freely. Working with her highest self through the power of art, she is able to capture spirit animals/totems, guides, and passed loved ones along with a variety of other things that relate to the person she draws for energy/situation.

Melanie shares her art and process openly on Tik Tok. Her energy is cleansing and calming which she brings into her teachings. Her story is a must-see for any artist either aspiring or practicing.

Melanie is currently working on drawing a full tarot card deck in which each card is/was made while closing her eyes and tapping into the source.

Melanie is currently on a journey of healing, learning, and growing just like all spiritual beings drawn to this event. After all, we are here having our human experience together.

Gina Costa is an energy healer and intuitive worker of sacred sounds and light languages bringing healing to mother earth. In October 2019 she was activated into light language and chants in Sedona as part of the Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light initiation.

As she began drumming and chanting the Ancient Wise Elders began to channel through her. The sound of her vocals coming through as native healing tones and sounds. This has been a surprise to many including herself as her background is Portuguese Canadian and not indigenous as most people think.

Gina is expanding her musical and healing abilities, opening to new opportunities and the realm of possibilities of where this will lead…one drum beat at a time.

Bobbie Jo is the creator and host of the Full Moon Retreat. She was called to create this event to give a platform for spiritual healers and the collective to connect.

Bobbie Jo is a shadow worker and intuitive spiritual healer. Spend enough time with her and she’ll have you loving your darkness just as much as your light. She’s the founder of B Lifted Spirit a spiritual healer shop and of B Lifted Creative a startup content incubator.

Bobbie Jo grew up the granddaughter of an astrologer doctor of hypnotherapy on one side and a traveling preacher on the other. She comes from a long lineage of healers. She taps into her Irish heritage for her spirit work. She teaches a variety of shadow work, energy healing, breathwork, reiki, limiting belief removal, manifestation/affirmation writing, guide connections, and protection casting activities/workshops.

Bobbie Jo has been a lifelong advocate for children, the mentally ill, and the homeless. She regularly volunteers and helps non-profit organizations with her creative abilities. To-date she has helped raise over half a billion dollars for charity and as she puts it “I wanta be a billionaire so fu$kin’ bad.” She has been creating professionally for over 20 years and holds multiple degrees in writing. Storytelling is her specialty. Her first book will be published in late 2021!

She is also the proud mama of a beautiful curly-haired, blue-eyed boy. He drives her to leave a legacy of kindness, love, and light.

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