What is B Lifted’s Soul Family?

We are a soul family of spiritualists working together to discover, share & grow our abilities to heal/help others. We respect each other’s journeys without judgment & try to help however we can. If the Universe landed you on this page you’re without a doubt a healer in various stages of awakening and activation within your unique gifts. 

  • You DO NOT have to do this alone. 
  • It’s okay to feel lost or a little off your rocker at this time.
  • This is a safe place for you.
  • You DID go through all of that darkness for a reason! 
  • You CAN trust your intuition. 
  • You CAN set boundaries on your energy & you CAN transmute darkness to light. 

Once you learn this you’ll be able to teach others & let’s be honest, that’s what you’re really drawn to here. You know helping others makes you feel so much better. Spreading your light is how you reach that place of inner peace you’ve been looking for. 

Welcome home.

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The first book from Bobbie Jo outlining her full Shadow Work System & her personal shadow work journey will be released 11-11.

This 8-week 4-course series was carefully designed through a year of research including working with other shadow workers to help launch your healing journey. Learn to release control of the Universe/your Matrix so you can regain control of yourself & your life.

Here you’ll find a bunch of affordable affirmations, activities, printable graphics I created to help you journey. I will be adding to these monthly with new healing offerings & I will be having huge sales when I can for anyone in need.

Meet Bobbie Jo

Hello beautiful soul,

I’m Bobbie Jo or Beez. I’m a Southern-born & raised energy healer & Shadow Worker. In early 2020 I began sharing my personal awakening & shadow work journey on Tik Tok. I turned to Tik Tok because the process of clearing & the Winter of awakening feels incredibly lonely. I wanted to know I was not alone & after getting millions of views, comments & meeting over 100,000 new friends I KNOW we don’t have to do this alone.

In late 2020 I was called into creating this safe space for healers & lightworkers going through ascension. In less than a year I have held multiple free healing retreats & sold out shadow work courses for months. I will be releasing my first Shadow Worker’s journey book in November & I absolutely love being a mentor for this community. My goal is to keep building my offerings & knowledge to help anyone who wants my help.

My Top Pieces of Advice

  • Trust your guides even if you can’t see the full journey.
  • Be brave enough to do things before you feel fully ready. The rest will take care of itself.
  • As a healer, you have to know yourself both light & dark more than anyone else so no one can play you against YOU.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Love From The Soul Family

I'm so proud of everyone healing! So much love here.

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