What is B Lifted?

B Lifted is the parent company to my two brands B Lifted Creative & B Lifted Spirit.

After realizing I am very passionate about both being a creative strategist & being a spiritual coach, I decided to have my cake & eat it too. This website houses both of these dreams.

You can learn more about my portfolio of branding work here or keep reading this awesome landing page fully coded, designed & written by yours truly for my spiritual coaching options.

If you’re feeling super spiritual & want to see my storyteller style check out my B Lifted Tik Tok. I’m still learning video editing, but catch my LIVEs to see my channel guides & help my beautiful soul family!

What is B Lifted Spirit?

This is a safe place for those within my soul family to come heal, grow in their abilities, and meet others in their soul family. If the Universe landed you on this page you’re without a doubt a healer in various stages of awakening and activation within your healing powers. You DO NOT have to do this alone. You DO NOT have to feel crazy. You DID go through all of that darkness for a reason! You CAN trust your intuition. You CAN heal to set boundaries on your energy and you CAN transmute darkness to light. Once you learn this you’ll be able to teach others and let’s be honest, that’s what you’re really drawn to here. You feel the pull to help your fellow underdog.

I was called to use my skill set to create this space for you.

Below are the 3 ways you can begin your journey here. This soul family specializes in shadow work or the process of bringing your darkness up to strengthen your light. That’s the energy work I prefer.

I highly recommend you either come to our weekday Tik Tok LIVE protections & breathwork or join our discord or take the live shadow work classes to start meeting your soul family. The more healers you meet the more you will unlock pieces of your past for yourself.

Remember, here we do not judge, compete or compare. While that’s perfectly human behavior we are enlightened to it and we no longer need it. No gatekeepers, just light, and love.

Touch Each Photo to Reveal the Magic:

These are private one on one Zoom sessions with myself covering a variety of topics. This is NOT therapy. I am going to directly speak with your guides, inner child & ego to find your shadows.

These are Live courses with me & other classmates via Zoom to help launch your healing journey through Shadow Work. This is where you really face yourself & meet your soul family.

Here you’ll find a bunch of affordable affirmations, activities, printable graphics I created to help you journey. I will be adding to these monthly with new healing offerings & I will be having huge sales when I can for anyone in need.

Soul Family Who've Worked with Me

I'm so proud of everyone healing! So much love here.

More Receipts I’m Great to Work With:

  • Wildly creative’ is the phase that comes to mind when I think about Bobbie Jo. She is a forward-thinking, resourceful and dependable. I was always amazed by her ability to command a room and get people on board with new ideas. We will greatly miss her and her scrumptious baked treats. Bobbie Jo would be an asset to any team."

    • Mara B. from Del Mar Designs
  • "Bobbie Jo has the ability to make the hardest most talented marketing team stop and rethink their whole strategy. That’s how big of a force she is. A powerhouse, that constantly thinks outside the box and eats your “good ideas” for breakfast."

    • Amy A. from Hair La Vie
  • "She pairs genius creative ideas with well thought out strategy and execution to form exciting and successful projects. She is a delight to work with and always lifting and motivating her fellow staff." 

    • Aubrey M. from Coral White

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