I bring da honey.

Startup Content Creator & Spiritual Healer

Hi, I’m Bobbie Jo the B of B Lifted Creative & B Lifted Spirit.

I adore using my intuitive healing abilities almost as much as I love being a storyteller. This platform is meant to combine my two passions into one place.

B Lifted Creative | Startup Content Creation:

B Lifted Creative was launched after years of working to build incubation content for small businesses. I specialize in health & wellness, responsible beauty & cannabis. I only take on creative clients with products that help others.

This is because my passion for brand building comes from a deep need to help others. Helping is my love language. A strong connection to a brand’s audience AND team/entrepreneurs is what makes my approach unique.
I use my intuitive abilities to connect to your core audience to build trust. I’m direct and thorough without a huge ego. However, if you’re just looking for a “yes” woman I am NOT for you.

B Lifted Spirit | Spiritual Healing:

I grew up the granddaughter of a traveling preacher on one side and an astrologer doctor of hypnotherapy on the other. I come from a long lineage of healers so spirituality has been with me all of my life. I tap into my Irish heritage for my spirit work.

I launched B Lifted Spirit as a safe-haven for healers to come to learn how to use and grow their energy to help others. I provide free resources and videos. I also teach a variety of shadow work, energy healing, breathwork, reiki, limiting belief removal, manifestation/affirmation writing, guide connections, and protection casting activities/workshops.

If you’re new here, welcome to the collective. 🙂 You can learn more on my Tik Tok!

On a Personal Note:

I have an English A.A. and Mass Communications B.A. I completed my MFA in Professional Screenwriting in 2015 but left halfway through my thesis to run marketing for an incredible incubator. I regret nothing.

In 2019 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Billy. If you’re lucky you will hear him on our calls. Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.

  • I love live music and dancing of all types.
  • Food and cooking are a HUGE passion of mine (everyone really).
  • I volunteer regularly and feel giving back to my community is what helps me stay grounded.

Some Highlights from My Journey

– I’ve led the launch of 8 brands from scratch to over 1 million in sales in the first year.
– I’ve built social media calendars for major studios such as Amazon Prime, Universal Pictures, and CBS.
– I’ve produced product launch content for over 30 health and wellness CPGs.
– I’ve strategized, wrote, art directed, and analyzed over 100 successful promotional campaigns for everything from theme parks to CBD products.
– I’ve won various awards for campaigns/articles I’ve written including ADDYs and the Inner Circle Award.
– I’ve been able to personally hire and mentor over 30 junior marketers.
– In 2018 I helped non-profit organizations raise over $480 million to build 18 new homeless shelters across Los Angeles. (My proudest accomplishment to date.)
22 yrs

Creative Experience

11 yrs

Marketing Experience


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