I have heard a ton of different definitions for shadow work, but let’s talk about what I consider shadow work & a bit of the history of the practice. Many know shadow work is integrating your shadow self into your life, but it’s so much more because in order to do that you have to integrate ALL parts of yourself into your life. You can learn more about the different parts of self here. 

Put simply, shadow work is the process of releasing control of the Universe so you can regain control of all parts of yourself. 

I consider shadow work the intersection of spirituality & psychology. Good shadow work includes prompts, activities & knowledge from both of these spaces. It is about breaking your Limited Matrix which is the breeding ground for your limiting beliefs & toxic competition/judgment of others & yourself. 

Here’s an excerpt from my Shadow Worker’s Journey book called Crazy Smart coming out 11/11/21:

Shadow work is revealing the unconscious parts of your mind, body & soul so you can release control of the Universe, your traumas & fears to regain control of yourself, your life & your dreams. We’re going to take a judgement-free look at your actions to determine the dark parts of yourself, so you can not only use them to strengthen your light, but also so no one else can use these things against you. You’d be surprised how often we get played in our own darkness.

The term shadow work comes from the term “the shadow self,” which was made popular by 20th-century psychologist Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, the shadow self describes the unconscious parts of the personality that we suppress through our conscious ego. 

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker & denser it is,” Jung wrote. 

Bottom line, the shadow self is the darker side of ourselves we repress or ignore. Just think of it as an invisible bag you drag around behind you that gets filled with heavy trauma. The heavier it gets, the slower you move & the more painful each step becomes. 

If you want to learn my shadow work system stop by my shop & see if you can get a spot in my Shadow Work 4-Course Meal. It’s a great system with over 5 hours of video with not only me but other shadow workers & over 100 pages of PDF. I’m a bit biased but I think it’s pretty awesome!

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