Let’s discuss the different parts of self. Everyone’s parts of a self-move differently based on your personal history. This is why you have to remain conscious of each of these parts of you. 

Shadow Self: These are the characteristics you’re ashamed of, so you hide under a mask or you’re completely unaware exist. The shadow often includes learned survival tactics like targeted manipulation you use when a baseline fear, like the fear of abandonment or fear of betrayal, arises.

Ego: Your ego is a protector who notices every red flag you don’t see or ignore. It’s your ego’s job to keep you from being hurt emotionally or physically. Your ego sends you a variety of feelings to warn you. The more you ignore these feelings, the louder the ego becomes. This is when you become triggered & the more sensitive you become to manipulation tactics.

Your personal intuition lives heavily within your ego. Your intuition is a hairline degree away from your trauma triggers. Because of this, the more you learn, your trauma triggers the stronger your natural intuition grows within yourself.

Inner Child: Your inner child is the childlike quality of yourself. This is the child that still believes in wonder, loves creativity & being creative. Your inner child holds a lot of your personal power & selfbelief. When you ignore the inner child, your ego becomes more sensitive & you begin to lose selfbelief. You can reparent your inner child for success.

Higher Self: This is you living fully integrated with both your darkness & your light. You’ve reached your highest level of consciousness & your actions stem from this place. When you actively uncover your shadow, listen to your ego, & incorporate your inner child, you can access this consciousness most often.

So how do you intregrate all of these pieces of your to access your full power? You do it in stages & through a variety of methods including therapy, & shadow work like the type I offer in my Shadow Work classes. You can also check out my Tik Tok or Instagram for free prompts & shadow work.

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