• December 14, 2020
  • Bobbie Jo
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Today’s post is short but sweet, as I’ve picked out some of the best Canva tutorials on the web for my beginning designers. Each video is a great step-by-step resource that will really help you design. Canva can save you so much money and once you invest the initial time into learning this resource using Canva templates will also save you so much time in your content creation process.

I make all of my content on Canva and it’s been my go-to design platform for over five years now back when it was super ghetto. Now it’s so fancy and I love it even more!

Below I’ve listed my top Canva design tutorials to get you started owning your brand’s identity. If you’re doing my non-masterclass leave a comment and let me know if this helps or if you’re looking for something more specific.

Canva 101 | The Basics 

How to Make Beautiful Graphics

How to Create Worksheets with Canva

How to Design Lead Magnets and PDFs

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