This episode is tough. Like as tough as that dry leftover turkey you’re trying to make a sandwich with, but some of y’all wondering why you can find or keep a good writer need to hear this.

Seriously, please do not listen to this one if you’re not ready to hear the full truth of what your creative and copywriters NEED and DESERVE from someone giving them notes. Hint, it’s not some negative overgeneralized statement.

Don’t worry, next week I’m coming for my fellow creative hard too about HOW they need to humble thy self to accept notes and edits.

But first, let me sit you down and have an honest one-on-one.

My creative shout out this week goes to @sunflowers_and_angels on Tik Tok. 

My non-profit this week is the wonderful Room to ReadThanks guys, have a

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your entire family give better notes this next year. haha

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