We’re all afraid of technology, right? No, just me?

In this B’s Creative Asylum podcast episode, we move into the preparation phase of building our website. This non-master class is getting serious y’all!

I give some tips for overcoming any lingering fear you may have with learning a new platform. I also give tips for getting it done son! Hint, don’t defeat yourself and use those resources!

I see a lot of entrepreneurs just getting started myself included defeat ourselves about something that should excite us, learning new technology to help expand our startup life. I am passionate about my purpose and my small business so if learning this Shopify plugin or WordPress app is going to help get me closer I’m ready to be fantastically frustrated.

Are you?

Our activity this week can be found on my Outlining Your Website blog post.

My creator for this week Mattias Barker can be found at https://www.instagram.com/matthiasjbarker/

My non-profit for this week is Taking Control of Your Diabetes and can be found at https://tcoyd.org/

Have a great week busy little bees!

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