PSA: I’m moving this podcast into a more relaxed business therapy type atmosphere so if you’re looking for old school “professionalism” in a podcast this is NOT for you, but there are plenty of other podcasts for you so get out there and find them. This podcast is real-life small business advice the messy, the funny, the real.

November is National Gratitude Month so let’s talk about how gratitude can change your business. In this episode, I explain the top three reasons why having a gratitude practice in your business can significantly improve your hustle overall. I explain how I caught myself being ungrateful for my blessings and began cycling myself back.  

I also give some gratitude practice ideas for you in this Gratitude Research blog that just dropped in the asylum. 

Finally, the brand guide will be out tomorrow! I caught a last-minute designing bug so I’ve been making it real pretty for guys, but what you’ll really love is the unique strategy. It’s going to allow you to work with any type of creative either freelancer or onboarding a new marketing member without having to repeat the same things over and over or risking not getting on-brand content out the gate. I guess I better make a YouTube explaining this one. Yes, I’ll get on that tomorrow as well. 

You’ll be able to scoop that up for FREE for the next 7 days and then it’s going onto the store never to be seen fo free again (well, maybe not ever but for the rest of 2020). 

Without further ado, here’s B’s Creative Asylum Podcast Episode 4. Getting better every time! 

Check out my creative shoutout on IG @thevibewithky and on Tik Tok @kyruskeenanMy advocation shout out is for the Preemptive Love Coalition

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