***I’m writing this from a devastated place as I just learned a creative mentor and friend of mine lost his battle with depression earlier this week. Many of us who knew him had no idea he suffered from this awful disease. I literally have no memories of this man with anything but a smile on his face. He was one of the best photographers I’ve ever met. He taught me a lot while I worked with him at Busch Gardens. He was so nice to me even though I was literally the lowest person on the marketing totem pole there. His Gasparilla parties were the closest I’d ever come to acceptance at frat house parties. His insane ability to work with and capture wildlife took my breath away every single time. This week’s creative highlight goes out to the man, the myth, and now the legend, Matt Marriott.

You can see his work at https://www.mattmarriott.com/

Because of this, my advocation shout-out for this week is Project Return a fantastic non-profit out here doing work to educate and equip those of us suffering from mental illness. I am not shy about my mental struggles because I know spreading awareness is how we normalize getting help. Please do not suffer in silence. There is no shame in getting the help you need.

To learn more or see how you can help please visit https://www.projectreturn.org/.

This week’s episode is all about Helpful Haters. A lot of times we fall into the triggers or toxic patterns of our fellow haters (we’re all haters at some point in our life). This week I share three stories of haters from my creative and personal developmental journies and how these haters actually helped me. It’s all about your mindset. In life, in business, in startup marketing, you’ve got to be prepared to go head to head with these haters.

To see the Aesthetic Activity visit this blog.

For that bomb-dot-com SWOT check out my B’s Super SWOT blog post.

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