This is a fabulous way to get everyone in your company or on your creative team within the same mindset about the look, feel, and voice of your brand. Pinterest boards are such a great place to keep your ideas. 

Have each person make a Pinterest board for examples of stuff they feel fits your brand. Ask them to include the following pieces. In the description have them explain why.

  1. Designs that could go on your social media
  2. Designs that could go on your blog
  3. Types of lifestyle images that fit for your products
  4. Ads/quote images that fit your brand’s voice on your website
  5. Survey/quiz/jokes that fit your brand
  6. General images and feels that fit your brand.

Then, come together as a team to make an ultimate board you all agree on. Discuss why things feel on-brand and let each person speak to their favorite pieces on their board and their favorite pieces on other people’s boards.

Update your board each quarter or when you onboard a new creative member.

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