Are you a small business considering marketing promotions and you’re a little lost where to begin? Promotions are the bread and butter of launching a brand on a low-low budget. Below I’m going to share my top promotions for small businesses. But first…

What is Marketing Promotion?

I thought you’d never ask. A marketing promotion is a planned campaign or event. These campaigns usually have three purposes.

  1. To reactivate customers building retention numbers
  2. To clear the bottom of your lead funnels bringing down acquisition numbers (this is why you see quick Flash Sales a lot at the end of the month)
  3. To bait new leads into impulse buys

Top 4 Small Business Marketing Promotions

There are so many different types of promos and it’s really up to you as you can create anything your perfect brain can imagine, but here are the top choices I always lead my small business clients to.


Either an entire parent brand, sister brands, or simple product launches. This is a beautiful dance starting usually 3-weeks out of the launch.

First, you drop teasers or a positioned survey (one that basically invites them to give their opinion while leading them towards the “right one”) to entice customers. Then, you educate them on what need this fills. Finally, you do the big reveal and press push.


Sales of all types and lengths go into this category and you can break it down more like a flash sale, BOFU LP sale, loyalty sale, referral sale, soul sell (haha JK, please don’t sell that, you’re going to need it!)

Sales start as excited social proof about your bait product and then you make that ticking timebomb louder with each day until the last day. This is when you release full hard sell tactics. Some of my favorites are the low quantities or sold out but a new shipment just made it.

Another great thing is extending the sale due to popular demand. I’ve seen that extension email make bank you might have left on the table.

Don’t overuse sales though. Once a month or every other month. Dry out your audience after Labor Day leading up to Black Friday. People are saving their money then anyways for the holidays.


These are either organic growth gold or time-sucking messes. You decide how it goes. I recommend giveaways to ALL new brands, BUT please please PLEASE make sure you are capturing emails! 😳 A comment or follow is great. Who doesn’t like a higher social media following and all? But you’re competing with every other person and brand that person is following.

Emails are better for converting as you go directly into their inbox. 

I’ve seen the sales numbers for around 80 different post giveaway sales (which BTW is the best move “You didn’t win this, but you DID win this insanely awesome discount!”) And the email sales are wayyyyyyyyy higher than straight social media sales. Seriously, get those contacts because they are honey I mean money!

They are a direct line for every sub-brand/new product you add. GET THE EMAILS!

And if you need help creating a bomb email flow check out my Email Marketing Portfolio and my Email Sales Case Study. I got you!


This is the wild wild west of marketing and again something startups NEVER used enough in my opinion. Cross promotions can be anything from an influencer collab, a collab with another brand, or a non-profit. For example, it’s when you have a sister-brand you’re bringing into your parent brand’s audience and it’s when you get on Groupon.

If you’re a small business or brand do not miss this one because cross-promotions yield gold as you can essentially double your audience with a few handshakes.

Find brands/influencers in your lane either on your level or slightly higher (use Alexa ranking tool extension to determine their traffic numbers) and introduce yourself via social media. One best practice that works well is show them geniune social love for awhile before you approach them with the offer. Explain why your audience would benefit from knowing them and why their audience would benefit from knowing YOU. 

Pro Tip: If you’re right on time use a virtual assistant for this manual type of labor. Set it all up in documents and spreadsheets of who you want them to interact with and give them templates of what to say.

Ask if you can do a giveaway or some fun creative thing like a social Live, holiday gift guide, or chat where you share your expertise in your industry. Podcasters do this well with the authors/coaches they bring onto their program.

Remember though, the key to this is you HAVE to add value to the other brand/influencer. Don’t just roll up with your hand out asking them to send an email to their list. Work it out as a genuine contract.

Promotions are important. I have a checklist I use for developing this type of content. 🤔 Maybe I’ll share that soon, but for now you can book your FREE 20 minute consultation with me to learn more.

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