What is B Lifted’s Soul Family?

We are a soul family of spiritualists working together to discover, share & grow our abilities. We respect each other’s journeys without judgment & try to help however we can. I’m so happy you’re here. 🙂

  • You DO NOT have to do this alone. 
  • It’s okay to feel lost or a little off your rocker at this time.
  • This is a safe place for you to express & share.
  • You CAN trust your intuition. 
  • You CAN set boundaries on your energy & you CAN transmute darkness to light. 

Once you learn this my hope is you’ll be able to help others. Keep spreading that light! 

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Want to learn more about my Shadow Work system & my personal journey? Check out my book, Crazy Smart | A Shadow Worker’s Journey available exclusively on Amazon!

This 8-week 4-course series was carefully designed through a year of research including working with other shadow workers to help launch your healing journey. Learn to release control of the Universe/your Matrix so you can regain control of yourself & your life.

Here you’ll find a bunch of affordable affirmations, activities, printable graphics I created to help your journey. I will be adding to these monthly with new healing offerings & I will be having huge sales when I can for anyone in need.

Meet Bobbie Jo

Hello beautiful soul,

I’m Bobbie Jo or Beez. I’m a Southern-born & raised Shadow Worker. In early 2020 I began sharing my personal awakening & shadow work journey on TikTok. I did this because I found the process of clearing & awakening feels incredibly lonely. I wanted to know I was not alone & after getting millions of views, comments & meeting over 100,000 new friends I KNOW none of us have to do this alone.

My Top Pieces of Advice

  • Don’t forget, you are stronger than you will ever know.
  • Be brave enough to do things before you feel fully ready. Start the journey & the rest will take care of itself.
  • Understanding both your light & darkness more than anyone else is a superpower. 

I’m so thankful you found us.

Love From The Soul Family

I'm so proud of everyone healing! So much love here.

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